The Colby Family Association

We are descendants of Anthony Colby and Susannah Haddon who met and married in Boston, probably in 1631 or 1632. We honor and revere their memory. We strive to continue the feeling of family among the many cousins. And we take pride in the continuance of the Macy-Colby House in Amesbury.



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To our cousin - Hampton Wilmot!!

Hampton has done an amazing job of tracing his ancestry (both his Colby line and his other lines) and has put together information on his site: The Brandt's Town Crier.  This site is the History of the Alta Siddall Brandt Family; but one of the family histories that he has is The Colbys. 

He broke through the brick wall of who the parents were for that poor John Colby who had perished in a snow storm while looking for his lost cows in November, 1817.  There had been some guesses about that John Colby's parentage; but nothing conclusive.

But Hampton had some success with the descendants of John who were known to Hampton's direct ancestors.  John's widow, Miranda Comfort Fuller married again and her descendants, oldest son to oldest son, retained some letters that provided really good clues.  Then a probate record from 1878 was discovered that connected the children of Poor John with Dr. Moses H Colby and other prominent figures whose Colby lineages are known. The hunt was on!

Read the whole fantastic story at by pulling down the Family Histories tab and clicking "The Colbys".




4 March 2015

This is the information that we know! 
It is a work in progress and we need everyone to help improve it!

 ALL Colbys identified as descended from Anthony & Susannah Colby are included in the database - but only the known to be deceased individuals  are displayed on-line from this site.  We are trying to identify the individuals who are missing their connections. 

If you can, please help!

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