The Colby Family Association

We are descendants of Anthony and Susannah Colby who met and married in Boston, probably in 1631 or 1632. We honor and revere their memory. We strive to continue the feeling of family among the many cousins. And we take pride in the continuance of the Macy-Colby House in Amesbury.




Strum, Wisconsin

Bernard H. Colby, 46, farmer, saved Ronald L. Everson, 7, schoolboy, from burning, Strum, Wisconsin, February 9, 1958. Ronald suffered from smoke inhalation but did not sustain any burns. Smoke which Colby inhaled irritated his asthmatic condition and caused coughing spells for two days. Both recovered."

Bernard was born 5/5/1912 and died 3/6/2001. Son of Corliss Thomas Colby and Amelia Alice Wendt.



Joyce Colby Bernard is my husband's uncle (Bernard was his Dad's brother)His wife, Elaine, lives near us, and we see her very often. A real sweetheart at age 91.

Allison Colby Hawley That's my grandpa!

Maggie Yates That's my grandpa

Anita Colby Larson Yup, that's my Dad! Remember that night vividly.

Crystal Colby Mulry My grandpa, too!

Anita Colby Larson  Thank you so much for posting the news article about my dad, Bernard H. Colby. He was truly a hero in many of our hearts. Thanks for the memory.



I am sorry that the Descendants information has been down for such a long time!  But the wait should be worth it!  Many corrections and additional information has been added to existing individuals. AND several of the "orphan" lines have been connected!  Hampton Wilmot is a HERO!  He did some great research and connected his ancestor; as well as many other people's ancestors.

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